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Orthodontic Appliances in Sedalia & Kansas City, MO

At Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics we specialize in all sorts of different orthodontic treatments like Invisalign and clear braces for our Kansas City and Sedalia, MO patients to ensure we give them the best treatment possible. While most of the time braces on their own will do a great job at giving you a beautiful new smile, sometimes braces need some help. When this occurs Dr. Kavanaugh and his expert orthodontic team will use other additional orthodontic appliances to make sure our patients’ treatments ends with the best smile possible.

Young boy with brown hair wearing headgear.Headgear

Orthodontists use Headgear for various different conditions, but is most commonly it is used in correcting an overjet. An overjet occurs when the front teeth point slightly forward causing your lower teeth to meet in an awkward position with your upper teeth. Headgear can correct this by placing pressure on the upper teeth and jaw to slowly bring them back to their correct position. Like all treatments performed by orthodontists, consistency is key and wearing headgear is no exception. In order to get the most out of your treatment at our Kansas City and Sedalia, MO orthodontic offices, make sure to wear your headgear as often as Dr. Kavanaugh prescribes. This will help ensure you have the quickest treatment time possible. Another thing to keep in mind when using headgear is it should never be worn while playing sports or brushing your teeth.

A model of healthy teeth showing the Herbst applianceHerbst

The Herbst device is attached to your upper and lower jaw and is used to adjust the position of the lower jaw. While the Herbst device is designed to move the lower jaw forward it does not limit any other motions like chewing. Herbst devices cannot be taken off during treatment so orthodontic patients don’t have to worry about how often they wear the appliance however other precautions must be made. Just like with all other braces there are some dietary restrictions while wearing your Herbst device. Some of these restrictions include avoiding hard or sticky foods like candies. You should also avoid any frozen foods like slushies or Popsicles.

Plaster mold of bottom teeth demonstrating how the Nance attached to the back teeth.Nance Appliance

The Nance appliance keeps molars from rotating or moving forwards after orthodontic treatments like headgear. Sometimes Nance appliances are used to make way for bicuspids that have yet to erupt. It is attached to your molars by bands which are cemented to your teeth. Then a wire spans the top of your mouth to a pad or acrylic that rests just behind your teeth. One thing to keep in mind while wearing a Nance appliance is to make sure you are brushing around the device and avoid chewy foods that can pull the orthodontic device off of your molars.

Orthognathic Appliance

When there are discrepancies in the growth pattern of the jaw or palate an orthognathic appliance will need to be worn. There are various types of orthognathic appliances (such as a bionator) and they each have a specific purpose. No matter what the purpose, they all create more room for incoming teeth.

Plaster mold of teeth with the Frankel appliance attached to the front.Frankel Appliance

Similar to orthognathic appliances, Frankel appliances create additional room for incoming permanent teeth. Unlike other orthognathic appliances, however, Frankel appliances can also help with underbites by retracting the upper teeth and creating a better bite. 

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