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Orthodontic Appliances in Sedalia & Kansas City, MO

At Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics we specialize in all sorts of different orthodontic treatments like Invisalign and clear braces for our Kansas City and Sedalia, MO patients. We like to ensure we give patients the best treatment possible. While braces on their own will do a great job at giving you a beautiful new smile, sometimes additional orthodontic help may be needed. Dr. Kavanaugh and his caring orthodontic team will recommend the best orthodontic appliances that fit a patient’s lifestyle and desired smile goals.

Elastics (Rubber Bands)

The use of elastics helps improve the fit of upper and lower teeth. Wearing rubber bands as instructed by Dr. Kavanaugh will ensure patients reach their goal of straight teeth.

Young boy with brown hair wearing headgear.Headgear

Headgear is typically used to treat a severe overbite or underbite. An overbite occurs when the front teeth point slightly forward causing your lower teeth to meet in an awkward position with your upper teeth; similarly, an underbite occurs when the lower teeth point more forward than the upper teeth. This orthodontic appliance gently “pulls” the teeth in the desired direction to encourage proper growth of the teeth and jaw. In order to get the most out of treatment at our Kansas City and Sedalia, MO orthodontic offices, one should be sure to wear headgear as often as Dr. Kavanaugh prescribes. This will help ensure the quickest treatment time possible. Another thing to keep in mind when using headgear is it should never be worn while playing sports or brushing teeth.

A model of healthy teeth showing the Herbst applianceHerbst

The Herbst appliance helps reduce an overbite. It encourages the lower jaw to move forward and the upper molars backwards, without interrupting the motions such as, chewing. However, this type of orthodontic appliance cannot be taken off during treatment; it is usually used for younger, growing children over a 12-15 month period.


Retainers are removable devices that hold teeth in their new, correct position after the teeth have been straightened. Dr. Kavanaugh will provide proper instructions on how to care for a retainer device, as well as the duration of wear. Wearing a retainer as instructed is critical as the beautiful effects from a patient’s treatment plan can be reversed if the retainer is not worn properly over time.

Plaster mold of bottom teeth demonstrating how the Nance attached to the back teeth.Nance Appliance

The Nance appliance keeps teeth from moving or shifting. This device fits comfortably along the roof of the mouth with bands that are placed on the upper arch of the back teeth. A wire connects the band and keeps everything in place. The wire spans the top of your mouth to a pad or acrylic that rests just behind your teeth.

Plaster mold of teeth with the Frankel appliance attached to the front.Frankel Appliance

A Frankel appliance, or functional removable appliance, is a customized metal piece that is often prescribed for patients with more pronounced jaw discrepancies. Frankel devices help create additional room for incoming permanent teeth. They resemble “two connected retainers” and are worn at all times during the treatment plan.

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