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Kurt Kavanaugh is a Kansas City orthodontist who knows how to get results. From trivial alignment fixes to consulting with clients about jaw surgery, Kavanaugh and his team of experts help through every step of the process. If you're tired of suffering in silence from a less-than-perfect smile, let the helpful staff here at Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics help move you in the right direction.

Although many new variations of dental alignment technologies have cropped up over the years, metal braces are the most effective solution with lasting results. More specifically, metal braces allow patients who visit Kurt Kavanaugh for adult orthodontics treatments to see their teeth move into place quicker than non-metal alternatives. If you're on the fence about metal braces and their effectiveness on the alignment of your teeth, here's what you need to know.

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In short, metal braces are metal aligners that sit fixed on one's teeth for optimal alignment. After some time, each tooth is slowly moved into place, creating a uniform smile and proper order. Unlike the bones in our body, teeth have the unique ability to shift ever so slightly when exposed to outside pressure. When a tooth becomes exposed to a steady force, its position moves and contorts from its original formation. Orthodontists use the natural mobility of our teeth in combination with metal braces to gently put our teeth back in order.

When patients visit Kansas City orthodontics professionals like Kurt Kavanaugh, their first idea is to ditch metal braces in exchange for the latest and greatest gadgets on the market. While new braces work wonders for patients with minimal needs, metal braces are the go-to solution used by Kurt Kavanaugh to treat his patients' misaligned smiles.

To understand the effectiveness of metal braces, we must first break down the technology into its three individual components: brackets, archwire, and ligature elastics. Brackets are the metal anchor points attached to each tooth where the archwire connects. Next, your orthodontist will place ligature elastics over the archwire anchor point to provide steady and consistent pressure on each tooth, gently guiding them back into perfect alignment.

From here, adult orthodontics patients schedule follow-up appointments with their doctor to tighten their archwire, progressively straightening their teeth over a series of months and years. Unlike non-metal variants on the market, metal braces provide consistent pressure on each tooth, regardless of if the patient is active, sleeping, conversing with friends, or eating a delicious meal. The consistent output means that adult orthodontics patients experience results in a fraction of the time compared to non-metal options.

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Whether you've battled a crooked smile your entire life or desperately need someone to address your dental-related issues, Kurt Kavanaugh is here to help. Our helpful team at Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics is ready and waiting to serve your unique needs. Each patient receives a custom-tailored approach to their dental issues, providing insight and treatment options during consultation. Rather than hiding your smile from shame or embarrassment, call our staff here at Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics and schedule an appointment today.