At Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics, we like to use the most up-to-date orthodontic techniques and appliances to provide effective and efficient orthodontic results. However, sometimes the most efficient treatments are actually the oldest treatments. This is the case with traditional metal braces. The first model of braces is still very much used today and it is used successfully. Of course, metal braces have had some updates like smaller brackets and more sleek looking wires, but overall they do the same job. Dr. Kavanaugh and his orthodontic team want to give his patients in Kansas City & Sedalia beautiful, straight smiles with metal braces.

What Are Metal Braces?

Metal braces are a fixed orthodontic appliance that slowly shift teeth to the desired position by the orthodontist. Braces consist of three parts, which include:

  • Brackets: brackets are attached to each tooth with a special orthodontic glue that holds them there throughout the treatment process.
  • Archwire: the brackets are connected by an archwire that gently puts pressure on the brackets, and therefore the teeth, to slowly shift their position over time.
  • Ligature Elastics: rubber elastics hold the archwire to the brackets. The elastics or ties are colored and your orthodontist will change them at each visit.

Braces are appropriate for and chosen by all ages of orthodontic patients, from children through adults. They also tend to be the most economical option.

How Metal Braces Work

Initially, your Kansas City/Sedalia orthodontist will attach the brackets to your teeth and adjust the archwire as necessary. The metal braces will place a constant pressure on your teeth, gently forcing them to move into their proper, straighter position. Each time you visit your orthodontist, Dr. Kavanaugh will tighten the archwires to assist this pressure and ensure your orthodontic treatment is going according to plan. Every patient and each orthodontic plan will be different. Some patients may wear the braces longer than other patients. Once the teeth have reached their desired position, your Kansas City/Sedalia orthodontist will remove them, but provide you with a retainer to wear which will keep your teeth in their new straight positions.

Contact Your Local Kansas City & Sedalia Orthodontist For Braces

If you are interested in metal braces for yourself or your child, please contact Kurt Kavanaugh Orthodontics. We are conveniently located with two offices in Kansas City and Sedalia. To schedule your first appointment, please request an appointment online or call one of our offices directly. We look forward to transforming your smile!